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Topyster and Jonathan, Don Bosco church and Botanical gardens, Residence- Australia


 Wow lovely couple indeed..


When I met Topyster who was with me in high school, she already knew exactly what she wanted for their wedding, she had the theme well thought out and had even identified a couple of suppliers actually what we ended up doing was co-ordination of the day..

With the vintage theme..she had already identified her invitation cards which well spelt it out and her gown too, a vintage car, a castle cake, and to crown it all they were to have their photo session at the railways station in town which really brought our the theme...

She even had a carscading bouquet which was a great choice.

It was lovely to work with her and while the groom was away we managed to tie down all the ends and the wedding rehearsal in the presence of the groom went very well.

We enjoyed the sumptous food that kept coming thanks to the good caterer on board.

Yet another Splendid Wedding.


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